Doha Brethren Assembly

Doha Brethren Assembly Sunday School

From Adam and Eve to Paul's missionary journeys and finally the doctrines , kids learn all about the Bible and how to apply it in their lives. With various lessons for different classes, we hope to equip our kids wit/h the knowledge they need to live Godly lives. We have 14 classes with 74 students.

Academic Calender 2023

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Super Seniors Memory Verse
Immanuel Benjamin First  Joel 200
Jania Samuel Second Amos 32
Jabez Reji Third Amos 28
Seniors Memory Verse
Jemima Sabu Jacob First  Joel


Johanna Susan Jogy Second Joel 77
Joash Renji M Third Amos 67
Intermediates Memory Verse    
Leann Ann Mathew First  Amos 113
Joanna Jaison Second Joel 97
Benet Benson Third Amos 88
Juniors Memory Verse
Michelle Maryann Bobby First  Joel 275
Micaiah Boby Abraham Second Amos 251
Jemimah Susan Shinu Third Amos 159
Sub Juniors Memory Verse 
Zoe Grace Bazal First  Joel 251
Jacqueline Charly Second Joel 198
Davis Denny Third Amos 147
Kids Memory Verse
Aanya Aleyam Gladson First  Joel 150
Anaya Rossam Gladson First Amos 150
Johaan Samuel Johnson Second Amos 117
Jorden John Abraham Third Joel 115
KG Memory Verse
Noah Philip Bob First  Amos 120
Johan Sibyal Second Joel 90
Eliza Bejoy Third Amos 80
Super Seniors Elocution 
Daniel Shanly (Capt.) First Joel
Immanuel Benjamin Second Joel  
David Shanly (Capt.) Third Amos
Seniors Elocution
Evangelyn Elsie Alexander First Joel
Jemima Sabu Jacob Second Joel
Angela Lissa Varghese Third Amos  
Intermediates Elocution
Joanna Jaison First Joel
Leann Ann Mathew Second Amos
Timothy Ginsh Third Amos  
Juniors Story Telling
Elyzabeth Marie Alexander First Joel
Jemimah Susan Shinu Second Amos
Joice Sarah Jogy Third Amos  
Sub Juniors Story Telling
Jacqueline Charly First Joel
Benliya Benson Second Amos
Zoe Grace Bazal Third Joel  
Kids Story Telling
Jorden John Abraham First  Joel
Nathan Thomas Oommen Second Joel
Faith Betty Mathew Second Amos  
Emmanuel Koshy Alexander Third Joel  
KG Story Telling
Noah Philip Bob First Amos
Johan Sibyal Second Joel
Christina Chandy Alexander Third Amos  
Super Seniors Light Music
Daniel Shanly (Capt.) First Joel
David Shanly (Capt.) Second Amos
Jania Samuel Third Amos  
Seniors Light Music
Johanna Susan Jogy First  Joel
Joash Renji M Second Amos
Jasia Mariam Jimmy Second Amos  
Nathan Blesson Abraham Third Joel  
Jemimah Sabu Jacob Third Joel  
Intermediates Light Music
Joanna Jaison First  Joel
Timothy Ginsh Second Amos
Leann Ann Mathew Second Amos  
Ann Joseph Cheeran Third Joel  
Juniors Light Music
Micaiah Boby Abraham First  Amos
Michelle Maryann Bobby Second Joel
Jemimah Susan Shinu Third Amos  
Sub Juniors Light Music
Mathew Ginsh First  Joel
Natania Amy John Second Joel
Davis Denny Third Amos  
Kids Light Music
Aanya Aleyam Gladson First  Joel
Anaya Rossam Gladson Second Amos
Jorden John Abraham Third Joel  
KG Light Music
Serah Jobin First  Joel
Eliza Bejoy Second Amos
Nigel Blesson Abraham Third Joel  
Mathews Denny Third Amos  
Memory Verse Champion (Super Seniors, Seniors & Intermediates) : Immanuel Benjamin  
Memory Verse Champion (Juniors, Sub Juniors, Kids & KG): Michelle Maryann Bobby  
Consolation Prizes for Memory Verse:
1 Joice Sarah Jogy Amos 110  
2 Chris Godli James Amos 143  
3 Natania Amy John Joel 123  
4 Angela Shinu Amos 90  
5 Benliya Benson Amos 82  
6 Emmanuel Koshy Alexander Joel 65  
7 Daniya Robin Joel 48  
8 Faith Betty Mathew Amos 48  
9 Serah Jobin Joel 57  
10 Mathews Denny Amos 37  
11 Yonatan Gaius Paul Joel 27  
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