Prayer Matter

Praise God for :

The journey mercies granted to:Br. Jerin George & daughter, Sis. Jerly & daughter, Br. T.C Thampi & fly

Pray for :

Pray for Br Rahul Acharya. His chemotherapy and radiation has started. Pray for grace and strength during the days ahead and for full recovery. Also, let’s remember Sis Steffi and other family members including their parents and siblings.

Pray for Evg. V.M John, father of Sis Helen John who has been diagnosed with cancer and undergoing treatment

m/o Sis. Helen who is suffering from disc issues.

Pray for Sis. Stancey Mathew – She had a fall and had injured her back. Pray for relief from pain and a speedy recovery.

Br. Sunny Moses, (DCBA) has been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma
One session of treatment is completed. He is discharged from hospital and has resumed work. He will be informed regarding when the next session will commence.

Pray for Sis. Juby Eby (EBA). She finished seventh cycle of chemo. She is feeling weak. Also please continue to pray her son Josiah. He has chest congestion and vomiting issues.

Pray for Br Bazal Samuel as he continues his treatment for Lymphoma at Al Amal hospital

He is still COVID positive. Pray that he will turn negative soon and the 3rd cycle of chemotherapy will be completed

Pray for Strength for his parents, siblings and Sis Alice and her mother

Pray for their little children Zoe & Neil also

Pray for the father of Br. Bazal, Ben and Sis. Betty. He has been diagnosed with prostrate cancer and is under treatment. Pray for a complete recovery

The recovery of dear ones suffering from COVID:Sis. Anu Jimmy

Those who are travelling to and from Doha: Br. James Michael, Sis. Samantha

Thank God for all His blessings during the past days; for the hall and freedom to worship. Let us uphold our Elders and Deacons for needed grace and guidance to lead the Assembly.

Pray for the blessing of our meetings and for the spiritual growth of all our brothers & sisters:  Worship Meeting,  Bible Study,  Ministry Meeting,  Friday Prayer,  Cottage meeting,  Sunday school,  Sisters’ & Youngsters’ meeting,  Area wise Prayer,  Joint Bible study,  Friday Meeting for Industrial Area Brethren and all other meetings

Pray for the brothers & sisters in Church to have favorable environment in their workplaces allowing them to attend all the church gatherings

Let us remember our ministries in Thenmala, Mavoor, Karad and Saran in our prayers. Let us pray for the new work started in Phaltan.

Let us pray for our children studying outside Qatar for their spiritual, physical and mental nourishment so that they stand as testimony for the Lord: Edwin Bejoy,Jenson Binoji, Jestin Binoji, Charis Godly, Rejoice Yardley,Leah Johnson, Jairus Renji,Jemy Cherian,Joel Geogy, Kevin Thomson,Danie Baby,Blessly Thomas,Sarah George, Sajin Mathew,Sarin Mathew,Jonathan Jerome & Jokshan Jerome. Joanna Renji, Hannah Chinnu Roy, Jeffy Ann Shaji, Paul Benjamin, Sandra Reema Bejoy, Amy Abraham, Abel K Johny, Davis P Shaji, Joshua Thomas Benoy,Sharon Leela Biji, Taniya Robin, Robin Saju Idicula,Achsah Rachel Varghese,Jemimah Ann Yardley,Sneha Johnson,Steve John Thomson, Stancey Ann Mathew, Serene Lynn John

Pray for our expecting sisters: Sis. Grace Aji, Sis. Jenny Jobin, Sis. Juvian Issac, Sis. Melita Paul, Sis. Kripa Benjamin Ramacha, Sis. Princy Graham, Sis. Achsah Ben, Sis. Biji Robin,Sis Febi Jen

Pray for families to be blessed with children:
Br. Doni & Sis Reeba

Br. Rahul & Sis Steffy

Br. Gayos & Sis Susheela

Pray for marriage and to be blessed with suitable life partner - Sis. Jeswy Shaji, Br. Benji Philip, Br. Joel Johny, Br. Jensen Binoji

Pray for the blessing of the marriage of Br. Joshua Theodore

Pray for the blessing of the engagement of Sis. Eleena Thomas on 8th July 2021 and marriage on 10th July 2021

Pray for the blessing of the marriage of Br. Graison Japamoni

Pray for brothers who are in need of a job: Bro. Robin Koshy, Sis. Lintu Vivek, Bro. Abel Varghese, Bro. Abin Samuel, Bro. John Benjamin, Br. Saju Chacko

Pray for family visa – Bro. Joseph Mendez

Pray for those who are suffering from physical ailments: Children below 12 years:

Felix Siby and Ruth (Bro. Jones Koshy’s niece)

Jayden (s/o Sis. Ligy Sunil)

Joana (d/o Liny Jerry)

Baby Andrew (s/o Lidya Bibbin)

Pray for those who are recovering from various ailments:

Sis. Winifred Jackson (w/o Br. Jackson Samuel) underdoing treatment for cancer

Sis. Gracy Rajendran (mother of Sis. Beena)

Sis. Susamma Varughese (mother of Bro. Shinu Varghese)

Bro. Biju T Mathew

m/o Bro. Bivin T George

m/o Bro. M.V Shaji

m/o Bro. Bejoy Samuel

m/o Bro. Renji Philip

m/o Sis. Lissy Babu Parayil

m/o Br. Godly James and Yarley James

m/o Sis. Smitha Gladly

m/o Sis. Mincy Shaji

f/o Br. Sinaj Varghese

m/o Br. Glorymon

Our aged parents

Pray for the families of our fellow Brothers and Sisters who have not yet personally known our Savior. Families of:  Bro. Charly Joseph  Bro. M.O Baby  Bro. Prasad  Bro. Joy Joseph  Bro. Jyothish  Sis. Jessy James  Sis. Omana Mathew  Sis. Honey Godly  Sis. Bindu Abraham  Sis. Bittu Robin  Sis. Jinu Janeesh &  Sis. Viji Blesson/Jeena Sojan.

Pray for the brothers who left Doha and are in full time ministries:  Bro. John Kurian  Bro. M.V. Babu  Bro. Thomaskutty Kuruvilla  Bro. Daviskutty  Bro. Samuel T. Philip  Bro. Wilson George  Bro. Timmy Adams  Bro. P. M. Simon  Bro. Raju Chekot  Bro. Philips A. M  Bro. Wilson Kuravakkal  Bro. Robert Baby  Bro. Rufus Daniel

Pray for our country India , its political situation, its leaders, for continued freedom to proclaim the Gospel, to protect the churches and God’s people from persecution and for many more souls to be added to God’s Kingdom

Pray for YMEF South Division campaign in TN and North Division campaign in Bihar

Pray for the gospel ministry fields and Christian publications, Visual Media Ministries, ministry among children in India and their needs. Let’s pray for the team members and fruitfulness of these ministries that God will open hearts of the people and salvation of many may be attained for the ultimate Glory of God. Also, continue to remember our institutions and Funds (KEMF, BRT, GFTI, IET, GGF etc.). Pray that the new rules might not hinder the proper functioning of these funds

Pray for all the Orphanages

Pray for various Bible school ministries: Kumbanad Bethany Bible School, Madurai Bible School, Rehoboth Theological Seminary, Nagal Memorial Bible School – Kunnamkulam, North India Bible Institute, Bengal Bible Training Institute, Kallisserry Bible College and Brethren Bible Institute, Pathanamthitta. Pray for the completion of the construction of Library Building that is going on

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