Youngster's Corner

The Youngsters ministry of DBA have been active even from the early days of the assembly.The Youngsters have been gathering weekly on fridays and activities include Meditation meeting, Bible study,Ministry meeting,Special programs, Gospel meetings etc.Currently, Gladson Mathews serves as the Secretary for the meetings and Aji John serves as the Joint Secretary.

There are currently around 50 members for the meetings and they form an integral part of the growth of the assembly as a whole.It is also worth noting that many of the senior believers in the assembly have grown spiritually out of the ministry of the Youngsters.

The new generation of the youngsters have decided to release an e-magazine called "SS Voice" that would be released every month.It is a collaborative effort of the ex-students of this assembly from around the world addressing the needs of the youth.

SSVoice members

You can download the e-magazine from the links below :

SSVoice Oct 2011

SSVoice Nov-Dec 2011

SSVoice Jan-Feb 2012

SSVoice Mar-June 2012

SSVoice Winter 2012

Little Foot Prints_2013_Anniversary

Br. Godly and Sis. Neeny blessed with a baby boy
Br. Blesson and Sis.Viji blessed with a baby boy
Br. Niju Paul and Sis. Stency blessed with a baby girl
Br. Paul and Sis. Melita blessed with a baby boy
Get together at the residence of Br. Charley Mathew
Get together at the residence of Br. Br. Bibin T George
Get together at the residence of Br. Jimmy Punnose
Bible Study: Romans ch 9:1 to 5- Br. Renji Philip, Br. Jytohish MG
Prayer Meeting