Br. Jyothish M.G and Sis. Anns blessed with a baby boy
Br. Joseph Mendez and Sis. Ancy blessed with a baby boy
Br. Samson Mathews and Sis. Sweety blessed with a baby girl
Br. Lesly John and Sis. Helen blessed with a baby boy
Get together at the residence of Br. Saju Idiculla
Get together at the residence of Br.Aji John
Ministry based on topic:Br. Blesson Abraham & Evg. Abraham Thomas
Prayer Meeting
Special Meeting with brothers from Industrial Area
Doha Brethren Assembly
Doha Brethren Assembly (DBA) was formed more than three decades ago by a group of brothers who were eager to worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth, according to the Biblical doctrines held very dear by the brethren community.

Now with over 170 believers and still growing, we have been experiencing God's abundant grace and guidance in each and every aspect of our church.

God has graciously granted to us a various blend of talented people who are able to deliver exhortations, sing songs, write songs, play instruments, pray fervently, teach the Word, help those in need and so on.
VBS 2019
The VBS 2019 will be on 04th, 05th, 06th & 07th June 2019 .There is   Please uphold this matter in your prayers so that God might shower his almighty blessings upon us to conduct it in the best manner possible and provide us with enough Grace and knowledge so that we might gain some more souls for His kingdom. Do remember all the volunteers, students and for the weather; that it might be favourable to us.It's a privilege to have Evg. Joy John as our special guest for the VBS 2016.
Special Meetings at DBA Hall for the brothers at Industrial Area.
Please continue to uphold this ministry and the brothers involved..