Prayer Matters
Praise God for :
The campus selection of Sis. Eleena Mariam Thomas
The journey mercies granted to: Br. Yardley James, Br. V.M Johnson & fly, Br. Roy Mathews,Br. Lesly John & fly, Br. T.C Thomas & fly, Sis. Sarin Mathew
Pray for
The recovery of Daniel Shanly from a shoulder fracture

The bypass surgery of the father of Sis. Mincy Shaji
Pray for the blessing of Bihar gospel campaign. The below villages are in Saran district around 30 to 40km away from Patna:
The below Evangelists will be participating in the gospel campaign. The list includes 9 local evangelists. Evg.P.J.Tomy will be coordinating everything:
    R S Paswan
    Suresh T G
    Suresh K
    P.J Tomy
    Ravi Shankar
The complete recovery of Br. Biju T Mathew
Children studying outside: Edwin Bejoy,Jenson Binoji, Jestin Bnoji,Jeffy Biju,Jenifer Biju,Jaimie Biju,Rojith Mathew, Charis Godly, Rejoice Yardley,Eleena Thomas,Leah Johnson, Jairus Renji,Jemy Cherian,Joel Geogy, Kevin Thomson,Danie baby,Stancey Mathew,Erica Beji,Blessly Thomas,Sarah George, Sajin Mathew,Sarin Mathew,Jeslin Abraham ,Jeffies Abraham,Jonathan Jerome & Jokshan Jerome. Joanna Renji, Hannah Chinnu Roy, Jeffy Ann Shaji, Paul Benjamin, Sandra Reema Bejoy, Amy Abraham
The sister of Br.V.I Mathew, Sis. Jasmine who is diagnosed with lymphoma and is undergoing chemotherapy at Vellore

The father of Br. Samson Mathews & Br. Gladson Mathews
Those who are travelling to and from Doha- Those who are travelling to and from Doha-Evg. Joshua Chacko,Br. Beji Mathew & fly,Br. M.V Shaji, Br. Kevin Thomson, Br. Binoji Uthuppan & fly
The following families,that God may bless them with children- Br. Samson & Sweety, Br. K.S Mathew & Reeba, Br. Robin & Deepthy, Br. Graham & Princy
Let us remember Thenmala, Neyyatinkkara, Vellarada and Mavoor Ministries in our prayers.Pray for the Gospel Campaign in Satara. Let us pray for an assembly testimony in Karad. Uphold Evg. Shibu Sebastian in prayers, who is in full time ministry there
Those who are in need of job- Br. Aji John,Br. Samson Mathews, Br. Robin Johnson ,Br. Jobin, Br. Jestus, Br. Rahul, Br. Steve John Mathews, Br. Noble Madapally, Br. Sunil Thomas, Sis. Fiby Jen
The sisters and brothers who are of marriageable age- Br. Jerry Varghese,Br. Lenny Koshy,Br.Roji, Sis. Jeswy Shaji,Sis.Shirin Mathew,Br. Jyothish M.G
The expecting sisters:Sis. Alice Bezel, Sis. Binny Blesson, Sis. Jessy Denny, Sis. Keziya Finny, Sis. Asha Immanuel, Sis. Stency Babu Niju, Sis. Asha Immanuel, Sis. Viji Blesson
Those who are in need of employment visa, family visa - Br. Joseph Mendez, Br. Jen Saji Johns, Br. Gladson Mathews, Br. Finny Paul, Br. Robin Johnson, Br. Noble Jo Mathew
The families of our fellow brothers & sisters who have not yet personally known our Saviour - Br. Charly Joseph,Br. M.O Baby,Sis. Jessy James,Sis. Omana Mathew,Sis. Viji Blesson, Sis. Honey Godly,Sis. Bindu Abraham, Sis. Jinu Janeesh, Br. Prasad, Br. Joy Joseph
Those who are suffering from physical ailments - Br.Varkey Varghese & Sis.Gracy Varkey, Br.V.I Mathew Sis. Rosamma Philip, Sis. Valsamma Gaius .
All our families in Qatar and back in India, especially for our aged parents
The gospel ministry fields, workers & media in India and the needs
Our institutions
Br. Davis Thomas and Sis. Manju blessed with a baby girl
Br. Bejoy Thomas and Sis. Rini blessed with a baby girl
Br. Jobin and Sis. Jeny blessed with a baby girl
Br. Bob Philip and Sis. Soumya blessed with a baby boy
Bible Study:Romans ch 8:5 to 8-Br. Roy Mathews,Br. Jobin Abraham
Prayer Meeting
Special Meeting with brothers from Industrial Area
Sisters Meeting
Youngsters Meeting